Stake with Daedalus

Step by step staking guide with Daedalus Wallet

📌 What You Need

  • Daedalus Wallet 👜
  • Some ADA 💲

🧾 Step by Step Guide

1) Open your Daedalus Application

Daedalus Application

2) Navigate to Delegation Tab (2nd Tab on Side Bar)

Delegation Tab

3) Navigate to Stake Pools Tab (2nd Tab on Top Bar)

Stake Pools Tab

4) Search For ALTU1 (Pool Ticker)

Pool Search

5) In ALTU1, Click Delegate to This Pool

ALTU1 Delegation

6) Choose Your Preferred Wallet

Wallet Choosing

7) Procced to the Confirmation Process

There is 2 ADA deposit fee which will be paid back when you stop delegate.
Confirmation Page

8) Once you see this page, your ADA is delegated to the pool 🎊

Your delegation will be active in the next 2 epochs.
Delegation Success